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Participating Schools

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2. Introductions, July 15 2013  10:50 - 12:30

- Each Class select a country

- Check on countries, no overlap?

- Prezi as intro

- Mentors discuss with group what makes my country, my country?

- Introduction country and group members in wiki

 Comment on introductions 


Class A 



Student a1- Jaddie

Student a2- Bunny

Student a3- Jack

Student a4- Jason

Mentor a5- Cliff

Class B 


South Korea

Student b1- William

Student b2- Jessica

Student b3- Irene

Student b4- Kevin

Mentor b5- Lily

Class C



Student c1- Daniel

Student c2- William

Student c3- Eva

Student c4- Melody

Mentor c5- Julie

Class D 



Student d1- Anderson

Student d2- Willy

Student d3- Derek

Student d4- Vicky

Mentor d5- Ann

Class E 



Student e1- Vivian

Student e2- Michael

Student e3- Johnny

Student e4- Harry

Mentor e5- Kimberly

Class F 



Student f1- Cherry

Student f2- Emily

Student f3- Jim

Student f4- James

Mentor f5- Natalie

Class G 



Student g1- Bill

Student g2- Iris

Student g3- Olivia

Student g4- Jeremy

Mentor g5- Mandy

Class H 



Student h1- Vico

Student h2- Joe

Student h3- Amanda

Student h4- Audrey

Mentor h5- Ivy

Class I



Student i1- Rainbow

Student i2- Jimmy

Student i3- Jack

Student i4- Daniel

Mentor i5- Carol

Class J



Student j1- Eric

Student j2- Jerry

Student j3- Mars

Student j4- Angel

Mentor j5- Amy




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